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Cowell’s Signature Series

Cowell’s Signature Series

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Welcome to the most premium personalised beard package around!

A world first for Personalised Beard Care.

This gft pack is the perfect gift for any bearded man, groomsmen, family member, partner or friend you want to give the ultimate beard grooming gift too.

If you don’t want the full gift pack you can choose from any range of the listed products.

Once you have ordered once you can order again at the normal price. Simply select the Signature Series option on any product in our beard product category and we will do the rest.

Imagine giving yourself or someone else their very own customised and personalised beard products.

Where after consultation with the owner of Cowells Grooming Products ‘Shane Cowell’ you/ they will receive any of the following customised products including free shipping:

Cowell’s Beard Oil (50ml)

Cowell’s Beard Balm or Wax (100g)

Cowell’s Whipped Butter (100g)

Cowells Beard Wash (250ml)

Cowells Mo Wash (125ml)

Cowells Mustache Wax (40g)

If you purchase the full signature Series Gift Pack you receive all of the above plus you will also receive:

1 x Cowell’s Beard and Body Citrus Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub (100g in our fresh citrus scent only)

1 x Cowell’s Beard Comb

1 x Cowell’s Mo Comb 

1 x Cowell’s Tee

That’s $350 of value for only $250 including shipping.

How does it work?

Once a product in this range is purchased you will be contacted to arrange what we call our 30min beard concierge session. Where you will talk with our team and receive the full beard concierge service. 

On the day you will take part in a one on one video chat session with the owner ‘Shane Cowell’ who will personally chat with you about your own personal beard care routine and the creation of your own product with signature scent that is exclusive to you and will remain yours for life with Cowells Grooming Products (No one else will have it!)

Whats even better is we will even if needed create a formula of beard product specific your needs!

That’s right, do you have dry or brittle hair? Have you just started to grow your mustache or beard? Do you have a grey beard, short or long? Well guess what we can’t give you the magic pill but we can give you an individual beard product specific to your needs to compliment your goals!

Its what we call the Cowells beard concierge service!

So, once the session has concluded Cowells Grooming Products will create your very own beard product and custom scent.

What makes this special?

Imagin your own personalised beard and mustache product's.

The scent is yours only and you can even name it if you choose.

Owner Shane Cowell has over 10 years experience creating custom scents for businesses and customers from around the world.

Not only is Shane experienced in creating the highest quality beard products after his study in natural and organic skin care and hair care.

Shane also has the ability to create scents from scratch of your favourite memorable items that you love to smell in your beard.

This understanding has come from a long line of work in mixology, molecular mixology and study where he has worked with and for some of the world’s biggest brands before starting his own company Cowells Grooming Products.

Your product and scent will be made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients, essential and fragrance oils. We will find out from you what scents you love, hate and dream of having in a beard product. 

You will get to pick from two scent options that we creat for you within 7 business days of your online session.

Once your scent is created you will be the only person able to repurchase it for life. 

If and when you do return to purchase any product in your own signature scent you will automatically receive 25% off your order. 


The total length of production of your order is 2 - 7 business days plus shipping.

if you choose a scent we do not have in stock please allow an additional 3 business days for production so we can order it in. 

The product cannot be returned if unsatisfied due to the effort we take to create the scent and its cost. If you choose to re do your scent if unsatisfied you can do with 40% off once contacting us to let us know. 

If you have any questions please email us at


Price also includes free shipping on all products in this range.

Purchase 3  gift packs or more and save $100 on each gift pack (That’s a saving of $600!)

The personalised beard product formula will only be the beard oil, butter, balm and beard wax as this is the product that will help your beard goals the most and our other products work for all beard goals and beard hair. Formula will be made from a mix of the current Cowell’s beard oil carrier oils only at different quantities to meet your beard and mustache goals. This is because we know that our carrier oils meet all the requirements for a healthy beard and mustache can promote all your beard and mustache goals.

Results will vary person to person and results come down to 90% genetics and healthy life style. 

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