About Us


In 2015, Shane Cowell, hailing from Sydney, Australia, embarked on a journey to establish a brand, driven by his desire to leave a legacy for his son. Inspired to instil in his son the value of pursuing dreams, Shane channeled his entrepreneurial passion into growing a household name in men's grooming products. Drawing from his family's heritage in natural soaps and cosmetics, including grooming products, Shane recognised an unmet need for fresh made to order personalised, high-quality beard care solutions amidst the market's limited offerings.

With a bold vision, Shane sought to create a brand that would resonate Australia wide and known for custom scented high-quality products. Leveraging his expertise as a mixologist and molecular mixologist, acquired through collaborations with renowned global brands, Shane unveiled Cowells Grooming Products in 2020. Specializing in meticulously scented beard oils, beard balms, beard waxes, beard kits, along with hair care and skin care essentials for men, Cowells Grooming Products quickly emerged as a brand of innovation, excellence, and affordability within the competitive grooming industry.

Today, nestled in the heart of Sydney, Australia, Cowells Grooming Products continues to craft its entire range by hand, epitomizing a commitment to crafting the finest-quality, best-smelling small batch products at fair prices. Beyond our offerings, we prioritize sourcing natural and organic ingredients, eschewing extravagant marketing expenses to ensure our customers receive unrivaled value and service with every purchase.

Join us in celebrating the ethos of Cowells Grooming Products—a dedication to excellence, quality, and affordability. From beard oils and balms tailored to your unique scent profile to a comprehensive range of grooming essentials, including beard brushes, combs, washes, waxes, and butters, our mission is to promote the importance of looking after yourself and the grooming experience throughout Australia and worldwide.

Discover the Cowells difference—where every grooming product embodies the perfect blend of quality and affordability.

"Groom it with care. Wear it with pride."