Handmade men’s grooming products, discover the best beard products in Australia.

Shane Cowell in 2010 decided to create Cowells Grooming Products to help create a brighter future for his family and son with autism. A dad now of 12 plus years, at the time his son was born, Shane wanted to create a business for his son where his son can in the future use his creative skills to 
provide for himself and have a legacy and with this Cowells was born.
A bearded man of over 20 years himself, Shane has studied many diplomas in skin care, hair care, organic hair, and organic skin care and put his first-hand knowledge and experience to creating the ultimate grooming products.
After working on his beard formulas for 9 years in 2019 Cowells Grooming Products was launched.
Focusing on simplicity and quality (the secret to creating the best beard care products or any product), Cowells beard products was brought to life through knowledge and passion for helping others.
Cowells Grooming Products are made from the highest quality ingredients and designed to be simple and maintain, style and groom any style of beard the Cowell way.