Beard Product FAQs

What makes Cowells Grooming Products different from other products?

Cowells Grooming Products are made fresh from simple high-quality ingredients in large sizes to give you the best value in Australia. Our products are tried and tested for everyday use. Our products are free from harsh chemicals and designed to nourish both beard and skin.

With a variety of grooming products, Cowells has a product and scent to suit you, your lifestyle and your beard.

With locally sourced ingredients and less packaging we support local business and the environment.

1. Why should I use Cowells beard products?

Generally speaking, beard products are designed to nourish and style your beard.

Cowells offers you a range of beard butter, beard oil and beard wax specially formulated for skin and beard. Each product uses a different combination of ingredients for its specific purpose but also to complement each other. So, for example if you are using a beard oil followed by a poured butter you are not doubling up on the same benefits. Our products are suited to all styles of beards and hair types.

Cowells Beard Oils

Cowells beard oils are designed to condition the skin and the beard, keeping your beard soft and you skin healthy, giving your beard the best base and everyday nourishment.

We recommend applying Cowells beard oils each morning or evening to condition and nourish your beard and to maintain healthy skin.

Cowells Beard Butters

Cowells beard butter is designed to be a flexible softer option to beard wax. Once warmed in the palm of your hands, it has a buttery soft texture. Beard butter has a flexible hold whilst nourishing your beard. 

Cowells Beard Wax

Cowells beard wax is designed to style and hold the beard for those who want to tame a beard that just likes to do its own thing.

The best time to use Cowells beard wax? Straight after applying Cowells beard oil in the morning for a firm hold or before heading out anywhere you want to look fresh and styled for longer.

2. What beard products should I use?

This is open to opinion and knowing your own beard. Our products are designed for any beard, but we recommend trying our range and fragrances to find what suits and works for you.

3. How best to use Cowells beard products

As Cowells beard oil and beard butter is designed to nourish the skin and beard -

1. Warm the product between your hands

2. Start at the top of your beard and rub into your skin 

3. Continue to rub the ingredients down through the to the ends.

4. Follow with wax if designed, through the lengths of your beard and style with Cowell bore brush or peachwood comb.

4. Do Cowells Grooming Products contain any harmful chemicals?

All Cowells Grooming Products are made from natural products and contain fragrance from essential oils and a small percentage of fragrance oils. Our products are made from a range of beeswax, mango butter, shea butter, vitamin E oil.

As with all products, we always recommend applying a small amount to your skin to test for any reactions. If you have any reactions, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

If you have sensitive skin or have allergies this is always best before applying to the beard. 

To help those with sensitive or irritable skin we offer non scented products made from all natural products.

5. How often should I use beard products?

Again, once you know your beard and what Cowells products you like and which suit your beard, you can use our products as much as you like.

Our recommendation is:

Beard oil: Daily for beard maintenance after a shower or washing your face and beard, while the skin and beard are warm.

Beard butter: Whenever you want to have a flexible style your beard or just look great. Whipped butter is best used at night before bed but can be used any time.

Beard wax: Whenever styling and need your beard looking slick for a long period of time.

6. How often should I wash and groom my beard?

Allowing your beard to live in its natural oils for long periods keeps it healthy. We recommend wash your beard with a beard wash 1 - 2 times per week max.

Grooming is all down to the individual. If you are grooming to look fresh or growing your beard - less is more.

7. What is the difference between Cowells beard butter and beard wax?

Cowells beard butter has a softer consistency to wax when heated in the palms of your hands. Cowells beard wax has a stiff consistency and won't be as oily as beard butter when warmed in the hands. Both products are designed to feel light on the beard but have different holding strengths. Each product is designed to have a subtle fragrance that lasts for long time.

8. What are the benefits of beard butter?

Beard butter is a light leave in conditioner. You have whipped butter that contains no beeswax in it and is designed for best use at night when going to bed to keep the beard and skin hydrated and conditioned while you sleep. You then have poured butter that has a small amount of beeswax in it. Poured butters are designed for those who prefer whipped beard butter but want to use it in the day and have the added bonus of styling capabilities. Cowells Whipped Beard and Mustache Oil is a mix of both beard oil and whipped beard butter with added ingredients. It is designed to give you the benefits of both products and save you time.

9. What are the benefits of beard wax?

Cowells beard wax is designed to control annoying hairs that like to do their own thing. It is designed to be light enough to coat your beard but give a strong hold. It is suited to any beard type and length.

10. What are the benefits of beard oil?

Beard oil is designed to look after the skin, keep it conditioned do it can grow beard hair. It is also designed to be a conditioner moisturizing and softening beard hair. It helps promote beard health, skin health and allows your beard to stay hydrated and healthy.

11. What Cowells Grooming Products should I use on a short beard?

Short beards can feel harsh, brittle and can make your skin feel itchy. We recommend using Cowells beard oil from the first day of trying to grow a beard.

Once you have gained some length, use Cowells beard butter or wax to style your beard as needed.

12. What Cowells Grooming Products should I use on a mid-length to long length beard?

We recommend all Cowells products for all beards and lengths. Using a range of our products such as Cowells beard butter and beard oil will allow you to carry out beard maintenance quicker and easier. 

13. How long do Cowells Grooming Products last?

Cowells Grooming Products are designed to last 10 - 12+ weeks. Beard oils have a general shelf life of 6 months from opening. Beard butters and beard wax have a shelf life of up to 12 months from opening if stored in normal temperatures. 

14. How long will my order take to be delivered?

Cowells Grooming Products uses Australia Post for shipping. Due Australia Post some deliveries maybe delayed and out of our control. If you are in Australia generally 2 - 7 days on average. If you are outside Australia 2 - 3 weeks on average.

15. How do I return my products if I am unhappy with them?

If for any reason you are unhappy with Cowells Grooming Products, please contact us.  If they arrive damaged, please take an image of your product within 72 hours of receiving your product and contact us below.