Cowells Subscriptions

To take advantage of Cowells Beard Product subscriptions, simply shop our range of products and select subscribe before purchasing. Add all products to your cart that you wish to subscribe too if choosing more than one. 

Terms and conditions 

Our product subscriptions are charged at the frequency of when you wish to receive your product.

From the date you purchase your first subscription you will be charged on the same date at the frequency you choose.

You may cancel at any time before this date. Please note there are no backdated refunds.

What products are included: You can receive any combination of Cowells products available for subscription.

Simply choose to subscribe on any available products and complete the purchase of all products together to receive them on the same date at your chosen frequency.

Shipping: If your subscription is less than $75 you will pay a standard shipping fee of $9.50

Free Shipping: We offer Free Worldwide Shipping with orders over $75 AUD.

How do we charge you for subscriptions: The service is run through Shopify so we do not store any of your payment information on file, it is an automatic process that Shopify will charge you on the same date each month, bimonthly or quarterly.

Orders are posted within 3 business days from your successful payment.

When will I be charged: Payment is completed on the day of purchase and then processed on the same date at the frequency you have chosen. For example, if you purchased on the 15th day of the month your order will be automatically paid and generated on the 15th of the following month, this will last for as long as you like.

What happens if payment is unsuccessful: Shopify will attempt to recharge you 3 times for a failed payment.

If you have payment issues, please email (depending on what method you first paid with) If there are insufficient funds on the card or account the subscription will be paused and payment will automatically be tried again in 5 days. If it is still unsuccessful from here, we will email you letting you know that payment was unsuccessful, and you will need to update your payment details to continue.

Extra charges: There are no extra charges only a shipping fee of $9.50 if your subscription value is less than $75.

How to cancel: Simply email and your service is automatically stopped, and you will need to reactivate with a new subscription if you wish to continue. If you want to pause the order as you know you will be away for a month you can pause the subscription by emailing or by canceling your subscription at any time and starting a new one when ready.

How to change my address: If you need to change your address no worries. Simply log into your account and edit your shipping address. All future orders will now go to the new address.

Cowells Grooming Products reserves the right to cancel a subscription service at any time if at any point we no longer offer the subscription services to customers. If we do this you will be notified, and we will no longer take any more money as the service will end.

Subscription services are only available for Australian residents.