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Citrus Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub

Citrus Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub

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What is it? Introducing Cowells Citrus Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub.

Cleanse and soften your beard and skin with our refreshing Himalayan salt crystal Scrub. The pure pink salt crystals sourced from the Himalayas help to naturally exfoliate your skin and beard hair leaving them cleansed, softened and refreshed.


Refreshing Lemon & Lime 




Apply once a week on damp beard or up to twice a week to, wet or dry skin. Gently rub into the beard and skin using circular motions on the skin, focusing on rough areas. Rinse well.

When applying to the beard always follow up with beard oil or whipped beard butter.


Beard and skin scrubs can be harsh to some beards. Always carry out a small skin and beard test. For best results follow up with beard oil or whipped butter after use on your beard. 

Note: Not suitable for head hair.

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