‘Look for men’s grooming products made from all natural and organic ingredients’.

What does a man’s daily grooming routine look like?

Incorporating grooming products into a man's daily routine is essential. If you want to look after yourself and stay looking your best while keeping your beard, hair and skin in their best shape then you need without question natural high quality grooming products as part of your everyday routine.

For optimal self care look for products with a shelf life of 12 months or more such as Cowells Grooming Products.

Why? Sticking to a daily grooming routine can be hard so you need products of top quality you can come back to as and when required without them passing their use by date.

'Cowells products ensure long-lasting use when used correctly'.

Cowells Recommended Daily Grooming Routine

A Comprehensive Men's Grooming Guide for Beginners and Pros.

Here is what we recommend for a daily grooming routine using Cowells Grooming Products:

Men’s Morning Grooming Routine:

  1. Start with your usual wash, bath or shower.
  2. Incorporate Cowells Himalayan Pink Salt scrub every three days for a deep cleanse.
  3. Wash your hair and beard every three days with Cowell’s specialized beard or mustache wash.
  4. After washing ensuring to bathe your facial hair if not washing with beard or mustache wash, gently towel dry your facial hair and apply 5-7 drops of Cowells beard oil to nourish the skin beneath.
  5. Follow up with a small dime-sized amount of Cowells beard balm, evenly spread throughout the beard area, and brush to dispute evenly and style as desired.
  6. For hair styling needs, rely on Cowell’s hair matt pomade, Matt hair pomade, or hair cream, applying the desired amount to towel-dried hair and sculpting to your preference.

*Note: For mustache styling, omit the beard oil and balm steps. Instead, opt for a suitable amount of Cowells mustache wax for desired style and finish.

Men’s Evening Grooming Routine:

General Beard/Facial Hair Routine:

  1. After your regular bathe or shower, use Cowell’s beard or mustache wash to cleanse, if necessary.
  2. Towel-dry the beard, and without the need for beard oil. Apply 1 to 2 dime-sized amounts of Cowells whipped beard butter. Using a dedicated beard brush, brush your facial hair to evenly distribute the Cowells Whipped beard butter and leave to absorb fully.

Styled Mustache Evening Routine:

  1. Begin by applying 7-8 drops of Cowell’s beard oil to the mustache, massaging it through the entire mustache, combing through, and removing excess wax with a tissue.
  2. Follow up with a dime-sized or small amount of Cowells whipped beard butter, evenly distributing it through the mustache using a comb. Allow to absorb.

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