Groom it with care. Wear it with pride. With Cowells solid cologne.

Solid Cologne For Men

Introducing Cowells Solid Cologne: Where refined masculinity meets Australian craftsmanship. Are you tired of traditional colognes packed with alcohol and harsh chemicals? Say hello to a new era of fragrance with our all-natural solid cologne, "Type Two." Experience the difference firsthand as we redefine the essence of sophistication and luxury in grooming. Crafted with care and pride right here in Australia, Cowells Solid Cologne offers a refreshing departure from the ordinary. Step into a world where quality meets sustainability, and indulge in the pure essence of nature's finest ingredients. Join us at Cowells and elevate your scent game to new heights of sophistication and style.

Why Solid Cologne?

  1. Solid cologne is skin-friendly as it is made from natural and organic ingredients that are gentle on the skin, reducing the risk of irritation, particularly for those with sensitive skin.
  2. Travel-Friendly: Solid cologne comes in compact, lightweight packaging in the form of a slide tin, making it convenient for travel or taking it anywhere. It is also allowed in carry-on luggage as it is a non-liquid, ensuring you can maintain your signature scent wherever you go.
  3. Precise Application: Solid cologne allows for precise application directly to pulse points, eliminating the need to spray onto clothes or in the air. This ensures that the scent is concentrated and long-lasting, without overwhelming the senses.
  4. Discreet Reapplication: Solid cologne can be discreetly reapplied, even in public settings, as it is easily carried with you. This allows you to freshen up your scent throughout the day without drawing attention to yourself.
  5. Eco-Friendly: Solid cologne is made from minimal packaging, reducing waste compared to traditional liquid perfumes.