Whipped Hydrating Beard Butter

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A high quality whipped hydrating natural beard butter designed to hydrate, protect and nourish the beard.The perfect product to use at the end of a long day or at the start.

it is designed to be like a white creamy butter. When taken out of its container it will start to melt immediately on your hand or finger.

Our butter is designed to be 100% natural from the best quality A grade ingredients available.

Due to it being a whipped butter it can melt at low temps in its container. If this happens please place tub in the fridge until it firms up again.

Our whipped beard butter is best used on a damp beard due to the level of shea butter used which absorbs and moisturizes best on damp hair and is designed to help lock in the remaining butters and carrier oils.

Cowells whipped beard butter is none scented as it is designed to be a leave in conditioner for your beard and we do not want to take away the benefits of its ingredients which are the same as most essential oils plus you won’t be smelling your beard in your sleep.

if you would like a essential oil used in your butter for extra benefits or to help you sleep please leave a note at checkout.

All our whipped butter is made fresh to order to give you the best results.


Shea butter, mango butter, hemp seed oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, biotin oil, and vitamin E oil.

Note: For international orders add a higher % of she butter so the product will ship without melting. 

Scent Profile:

No scent



What is Cowells beard butter?

Cowells Whipped Hydrating Beard butter is the best bang for your buck whipped beard butter around. It contains the best premium Australian ingredients that hydrate, condition and give a light hold to your beard. This butter is designed to absorb quickly and protect your beard from the elements all day long.

Our recommendation: 

Our beard butter is designed for all beards. Best applied after applying Cowells beard oil, to style your beard or apply on its own as required.

Also available in Cowells beard oil, Cowells beard balm, Cowells poured beard butter and Cowells beard wax. 

  • Minimise dandruff
  • Sooth itchy skin
  • Supports beard growth
  • Provides a medium to light hold