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Cowells Medium Hold Mustache Wax - Cola Bottles

Cowells Medium Hold Mustache Wax - Cola Bottles

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What is it? Limited edition Cowells Medium Hold Mustache Wax - Cola Bottles is your premium solution for achieving a perfectly styled mustache effortlessly, without the need for heat. Crafted with care, this mustache wax offers a medium-strong hold that keeps your mustache in check all day long.

Our mustache wax boasts a special blend of all-natural ingredients, carefully chosen to provide you with a lasting hold. These natural elements not only keep your hair safe from the elements but also lock in essential moisture, ensuring your mustache stays hydrated throughout the day.

This product is ideal for achieving a fuller, healthier-looking mustache, whether you're striving for a sharp, professional appearance during your workday or a stylish look for a night out. Cowells Bounty Medium-Strong Hold Mustache Wax is your partner in maximizing your mustache styling game, leaving you impeccably groomed.

Why will you love it?

  • This wax is easy to apply without heat.
  • Contains all natural ingredients with no nasty chemicals.
  • It is fast hardening, meaning you won't have to wait around to apply additional coats of wax if required.
  • It contains both fractionated coconut oil and lanolin to condition the mustache and keep it hydrated.
  • The addition of beeswax will protect the hairs from harmful rays.
  • It is suitable for all mustache hair and skin types.
  • Easily removed with beard oil.


Beeswax, lanolin, fractionated coconut oil, fragrance.


Cola Bottles Inspired Scented Mustache Wax - Revel in the nostalgic scent of cola bottles as you perfect your mustache style. 




For the best results with Cowells Medium-Strong Hold Mustache Wax:

Take a small amount of wax and rub it between your middle finger and thumb until it becomes warm. After that, gently massage it into your mustache, styling as required.

Finally, if needed, apply extra coats of wax to your mustache for extra hold and style.


  • Always carry out a small test before use
  • Store in a cool drying place

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