Why Choose Cowells

Support and style your facial hair.

Cowells beard products contain the highest quality organic and natural ingredients with no chemicals. This promotes healthy skin, hair and healthy facial hair allowing you to look and feel your best while you grow the best beard or mustache possible.

Stop beard itch.

Cowells beard oil, balms and butters are made from the highest quality carrier oils assisting to create a barrier over the skin, locking in moisture, protecting it from drying helping to stop beard itch. Simply massage Cowells beard oil into both skin and beard to act as a leave in conditioner for the beard moisturizing and nourishing your beard hair, helping to soften your beard, and encourage healthy growth. Apply Cowells beard balm after apply oil to keep your facial hair and skin protected, they will also give your beard a healthy shine, and hold and promote a healthy beard as it grows. You can start using Cowells beard oil and products from the moment you start to grow a beard.

Reduce beard acne.

Men with beards are vulnerable to acne, as bacteria can enter and infect the hair follicles of the facial hair. Inflammation behind acne which is why Cowells beard products contain ingredients such as jojoba oil which can help heal beard acne thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Also, our products contain essential oils like tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint. Essential oils such as tee tree oil help to heal skin issues caused by acne. These oils aid in moisturizing the skin and killing any bacteria infecting follicles. The essential oils used in Cowells beard products share anti-fungal, antibacterial qualities, as well as help reduce dryness and inflammation related to beard acne.

Tame your beard.

Cowells beard oil, beard balm, butter and beard wax are made from the best carrier oils, butters and wax to help stop a wild beard that likes to do its own thing. Weather styling a short beard or an epic mane using Cowells beard products will protect your beard from the elements and have you looking fresh and ready for any occasion.

Stop a patchy beard.

Cowells beard products are all packed with ingredients to help stimulate collagen where possible and the hair follicles which is beneficial to help grow out a patchy beard. Because patchy beards are common, the ingredients chosen within Cowells beard products are there to play an all-round part in helping to battle the issues related to a patchy beard.

Grow a thick beard with Cowells beard products.

Growing a thick beard is hard at the best of times and while genetics comes down to a large majority of it and just letting it grow is important. Promote beard growth and support your facial hair by giving it the golden treatment with Cowells beard products. We don’t pack our products with too many ingredients to allow our products to work and have chosen ingredients we know that work through knowledge and experience.

The best scented products.

With over 20 unique original scents to choose from we have a product and scent to match every taste. Not only this we also offer custom scent profiles and scented products where you can request any scent that you love, and we will make it. Simply order our custom products HERE or our SIGNATURE SERIES products.