Beard Wax


A stronghold beard wax, handcrafted from all-natural ingredients 

You’re a strong, powerful man, so why should your facial mane miss out on all the fun? At Cowells, we’re obsessed with just good beard stuff, bringing you the best beard care products that Australia has to offer. Handcrafted in small batches and infused with natural goodness, you know that your beard deserves to be pampered and paid attention to, just like that glass of whisky you nurse on a cold, wintery night. Do it right and keep it simple with Cowells. 

Available in an array of delicious, subtle scents, the Cowells beard wax comes with Viking-like strength, designed to hold and style your beard to perfection. Chockful of natural ingredients including beeswax, mango butter and jojoba oil, our beard wax is suitable for any length of beard – so go to town! 

For a ridiculously good, drool-worthy beard, buy Australia’s best beard wax online

We highly recommend that you applying your Cowells beard styling wax after you’ve used our complimentary beard oil or beard butter. You are welcome to apply it just on its own, but take it from us, the more TLC you show your beard, the better! After all, your beard is your face’s best accessory, so might as well go the extra length when styling and grooming your beard. 

Our natural beard wax is also fantastic for minimising dandruff, soothing itchy skin and supporting your beard growth goals – bit of a multitasker, if you will. At Cowells, we love helping you get the most bang for your buck, so you can rest assured that your facial mane is getting the VIP treatment in every way possible. In Cowells, we trust.