Bamboo beard brushes and combs to keep your beard looking sharp and groomed

Put your best beard (and foot) forward with Cowells beard care products and accessories, must-haves as part of your facial mane grooming and shaping kit. Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, our beard comb and brush are designed to smoothly detangle your facial hair, without pulling and static. A sustainable, natural material, bamboo also boasts anti-bacterial goodness, keeping your grooming regime sanitary and hassle-free. 

Treat your beard to some extra TLC with gentle massage-like strokes, stimulating natural sebum and healthy growth for a shiny, lustrous beard. With daily brushing to ‘train’ your beard follicles to grow in the desired direction, you’ll be able to show your beard who’s boss and keep the unruly, little hairs at bay. Cowells is the go-to choice for every man and his beard. 

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Condition and pamper your facial tresses with our best-selling natural beard oils and beard butter, made in small batches to ensure the highest quality and care. Just good beard stuff that’s made right here in Australia, we’re passionate about facial manes of all shapes and sizes, from short goatees to full-blown Viking statements. 

A killer, well-groomed beard is a man’s best facial accessory, so grow and wear it with pride – don’t let the missus or your mum tell you otherwise. With our beard grooming tools and accessories, you’ll be ruling the topping the man crush Monday charts in no time.

Choose from our carefully selected range of beard grooming tools suitable for any sort of beard.
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