Three Beard Oil Pack

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Our 100% natural vegan friendly formula is designed for both skin & beard. 

Minimising itchy, dry and flaky skin while helping your beard look fuller softer and more manageable. It is designed to give you the base nutrients your skin and pours need to grow a strong healthy beard. Our beard oil will also provide supporting nutrients to the beard and promote softer healthier looking hair.


Scent Profiles: 

Bondi - Citrus 

Natural - No scent

Noble One - Oudh, Sandalwood, Musk

Outback - Warm amber, sandalwood.

Woodlands - Sandalwood, Pine, Spice




Jojoba oil

Crambe abyssinica seed oil


Oleyl alcohol

Fractionated coconut oil

Vitamin E oil


What is beard oil?

Beard oil is a beard product that is used to nourish both the skin under the beard and the beard itself in order to keep it healthy and soft. 

Beard oil is designed to replace the natural oils produced by the skin.

Our recommendation: 

Our beard oil is designed to assist in nourishing both the beard and skin so that you may grow a healthy beard, reduce dandruff and avoid itchy skin.

Also available in Cowells beard butter and Cowells beard wax.

  • Minimise dandruff
  • Sooth itchy skin
  • Supports beard growth
  • Mild scent that lasts 
  • Provides a medium to light hold