Beard Oil

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The best all-natural beard oil, designed to nourish your skin and facial hair

Dreaming of that healthy beard, one that’s soft, manageable and hassle-free? One of Cowells best-selling beard care products, our beard oil is designed to do just that. Enriched with all-natural, locally sourced ingredients and available in subtle scents for an extra delightful whiff, Cowells beard oil can be used to nourish your beard and the skin under your facial mane – it’s a win-win for all!

Replacing the natural oils produced by your skin, our beard oil can also help you achieve your beard growth goals as well as minimising dandruff and itchy skin.  Break up with your wiry bristles, stubborn whiskers, and make room for the silky beardilocks your face’s been waiting for.

Discover the best beard oil in Australia

Locally handcrafted in small batches, our beard oil’s been tried-and-tested on a huge range of everyday beards. Whether you’ve got a bit of face fuzz or a Viking beard, Cowells beard oil will help you grow and style a facial mane that will get mum’s tick of approval.

Here at Cowells, we’re all about just good beard stuff. Nothing fancy or over the top, just simple, high-quality beard goodness.

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