Beard Kits

The beard kit to suit all facial hair types and goals

You call it facial hair, we call it awesomeness. A beard is your face’s best accessory, so treat it to some TLC and style it with pride - you’re just a kit away from bearded glory. Whether you’re sporting a full beard or just starting to grow out your side-whiskers, Cowells will help you to keep it tamed, itch-free and smelling delicious.

From our best-selling beard oils to trusty beard tools, we’ve combined our best beard care products into treat-yo’-self kits for easy maintenance. Keep calm, hug your mum and stroke that beard, we’ve got you.

Shop Australia’s best beard kit online

Australian made and handcrafted in small batches, Cowells ensures the highest quality and care goes into each and every one of our beard products. Designed to suit all hair and skin types, our 100% natural beard oils and butters are gentle on your skin and beard, keeping it soft and manageable as each day passes. Our nourishing formula will also help you to combat any beard itch or beardruff by enriching it with natural goodness.

Struggling to keep the beard hair under control? Brushing it daily will ‘train’ your beard follicles to grow in the desired direction, as well as stimulating new hair growth. As long as you keep at it, an epic beard awaits and the ladies will be calling you ‘Bropunzel’ in no time. Even grumpy Aunt Betty will probably give you her nod of approval at Christmas – no promises, just sayin’.  

Our full kit offers 1 x Cowells butter, 1 x Cowells beard wax, 1 Cowells beard oil, 1 x Cowells beard brush and comb. Choose from our great range of scents that suit you. 

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