Beard Butter

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A natural beard butter designed to nourish, protect and lightly hold your beard.  


Shea butter

Mango butter

Sweet almond oil

Avocado Oil

Argon oil

Scent Profile:

Natural- No scent 



What is Cowells beard butter?

Cowells Beard butter is the best bang for your buck beard butter around. It contains the best premium Australian ingredients that hydrate, condition and give a light hold to your beard. This butter is designed to absorb quickly and protect your beard from the elements all day long.

In general Cowells beard butter will coat the beard lightly with no shine providing all the best nutrients for your beard and skin while providing a light to medium hold. 

Our recommendation: 

Our beard butter is designed for medium to long length beards. Best applied after applying Cowells beard oil, to style your beard or apply on its own when wanting to style and shape your beard as required.

Also available in Cowells oil and Cowells beard wax.

  • Minimise dandruff
  • Sooth itchy skin
  • Supports beard growth
  • Provides a medium to light hold