Beard Butter


All the style, none of the itch, it’s Cowells beard butter time

Struggling with an unruly facial mane, the dreaded beard itch or beardruff? Well, chin up son and fear no more, it’s time to butter up that beast with Cowells beard butter. Falling right smack-bang in the middle between a beard oil and balm,  our 100% natural, handcrafted bead butter combines the best of both worlds. 

It luxuriously moisturises your beard while nourishing the skin below, leaving your beard sinfully soft, healthy and manageable. Make sure to work the butter through your beard post-shower, as this will beef up the volume for easy shaping and styling. Feel the magic and thank us later. 

Discover the best beard butter in Australia

Starring locally sourced shea butter, beeswax and a delightful mix of natural oils, the Cowells beard butter comes in 9 mild scent styles, yours for the picking. Fancy yourself a bit of a coffee fiend? We’ve got you with the ‘Espresso’. Can’t get enough of the sun, sand and surf? ‘Bondi’ beard butter’s got your name all over it. 

Young or old, there’s a beard butter for all the Van Dykes, Chin Curtains, Soul Patches, Mutton Chops and everything in between. Proudly Australian made, our beard care products are designed for every man and his dog - no discrimination, just a whole heap of lovin’. Your facial hair, our butter, a match made in glorious beard heaven.